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Paratyphus Vaccine for Piglets, Live(Strain C500)

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe product is composed of Salmonella choleraesuis strain C500, at least 3×109CFU/dose.
PropertyGrayish white sponge-like loose mass, dissolved quickly after adding diluent.
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent Piglet paratyphoid.
Application and DosagesOral or superficial intramuscular injection is suggested. It is suitable for breastfeeding or weaning healthy piglets over 1 month old. Oral or injection according to the dosage indicated on the bottle label, but the oral vaccine that the bottle label indicates should not be injected.
Oral: According to the bottle label, the vaccine is diluted with cold water to 5.0~10.0ml per dose, and the pigs are given or diluted and evenly mixed into a small amount of fresh cold feed to allow the pigs to feed themselves.
Intramuscular injection: According to the bottle label, the vaccine is diluted with 20% aluminum hydroxide gel to 1.0ml per dose.
(1)       After dilution, used all within 4 hours. Shake evenly at all times
(2)       Frail and sick pigs should not be vaccinated.
(3)       For pig farms and areas where piglet paratyphoid often occurs, in order to improve the immune effect, they can be inoculated once before and after weaning, interval 21 to 28 days.
(4)       When taking it orally, it is best to take it before feeding so that every pig can eat it.
(5)       When injecting, it should be disinfected locally.
(6)       When injecting vaccination, some pigs have a greater response. Some piglets may have symptoms such as elevated body temperature, tremors, vomiting, and reduced food. They usually recover after 1 to 2 days, and severe cases can be injected with adrenaline. At the time of oral inoculation, there was no such reaction or slight reaction.
(7)       Used vaccine bottles, utensils, and vaccines remaining after dilution should be treated harmlessly.
Specification10 doses/bottle, 20 doses/bottle, 50 doses/bottle, 100 doses/bottle.
Package10 bottles/box
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at -15℃ for 12 months.