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The Gene Engineering Vaccine Against Colibacillus diarrhea o

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe product is composed of inactivated genetically engineered strain GE-3, before inactivated, at least 1010.0 CFU/ml.
PropertyAfter standing, the upper layer is a pale yellow clear liquid, the lower layer is an off-white precipitate, and after shaking, it is a homogeneous suspension..
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent newborn piglet diarrhea caused by k88 type Escherichia coli.
Application and DosagesPregnant sows that have not been immunized with this vaccine are intramuscularly injected 2 times at 30~35 days and 15~20 days before delivery, 5 ml /swine. Later, intramuscularly injected once at 15~20 days before delivery, 5ml /swine.
Abnormal Reaction】None.
(1)    The product is used only for healthy sows.
(2)    The vaccine should not be frozen. It should be returned to room temperature (15~25 °C) and shaken well before use.
(3)    Pregnant sows with thin, body temperature and appetite abnormal should not be used
(4)    In order to ensure the immune protection effect, the piglets should be fed enough colostrum.
(5)    The vaccine should be stored away from light.
(6)    If the vaccine bottle is broken, the cap is loose, and the foreign body is contained, the vaccine shall not be used.
(7)    The vaccine is used up on the day after the opening.
Specification 5 ml/bottle, 10 ml/bottle, 20 ml/bottle, 50 ml/bottle, 100 ml/bottle.
Package10 bottles/box
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at 2~8℃ for 12 months.