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Swine Fever, Swine Erysipelas and Pasteurella Multocida Vacc

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe product is composed of classical swine fever virus rabbit attenuated strain, at least 750RID/dose; Swine Erysipelas strain GC42, at least 7×108CFU/dose; Pasteurella Multocida stain EO630, at least 3×108CFU/dose.
PropertyLight brown loose mass, dissolved quickly after adding diluent.
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent swine fever, Swine Erysipelas and Pasteurella Multocida.
Application and DosagesIntramuscular injection is suggested. According to the bottle label, the product is diluted with sterile saline to make 1 dose per ml. The pigs that were weaned for more than 15 days, 1 ml per pig; the pigs that were weaned within 15 days, 1 ml per pig, and 2 months later, immunized once again.
(1)       The vaccine should be stored and transported under refrigeration.
(2)       Newborn pigs, weak pigs, sick pigs should not be vaccinated.
(3)       Do not feed antibiotics within 10 days before or after vaccination.
(4)       After dilution, used all within 4 hours.
(5)       After vaccination, it should be observed. If an allergic reaction occurs, anti-allergic drugs should be injected in time.
(6)       When inoculated, it should be disinfected locally.
(7)        Used vaccine bottles, utensils, and vaccines remaining after dilution should be treated harmlessly.
Specification10 doses/bottle, 20 doses/bottle, 50 doses/bottle, 100 doses/bottle.
Package10 bottles/box
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at -15℃ for 12 months.