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Avian Influenza Vaccine, Inactivated (H5N1 Strain Re-6+H9N2

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe vaccine is composed of inactivated recombinant avian influenza virus H5N1 subtype Re-6 Strain and H9N2 subtype Re-2 Strain. The HA titer of the Re-6 Strain and Re-2 strain chicken embryo fluid before inactivation is ≧9Log2.
PropertyMilky white emulsion.
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent avian influenza ( H5 subtype and H9 subtype) .
Application and DosagesSubcutaneous injection in neck or intramuscular injection in chest is suggested,0.3ml for a 2~5-week-old chicken, 0.5ml for a 5-week-old chicken.
Abnormal ReactionNone.
(1)  The product can’t be used for chickens infected with AIV or those with abnormal health condition.
(2)  Freezing is prohibited.
(3)  The product can’t be used if packing is damaged, impurity is found or emulsion is broken or stratified.
(4)  The vaccine is should be stored at room temperature and be well shaken before use.
(5)  Needles should be changed regularly. It is suggested that a separate needle should be used for each injection.
(6)  The vaccine should be consumed within 24 hours when it is opened.
(7)  It can’t be used for the chickens within 28 days before slaughter.
Specification250 ml/bottle, 500 ml/bottle.
Package30 bottles/box, 60 bottles/box.
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at 2~8℃ for 12 months.