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Avian Pasteurella Multocida Vaccine, Live (Strain G190E40)

【Ingredients and Concentration】The vaccine is composed of Pasteurella multocida strain G190E40. The number of live bacteria is not less than 2.0 × 107.0 CFU/dose.
【Property】Light yellow spongy loose lumps, and separate from the bottle walls easily. After adding diluents, dissolved soon.
【Actions and Uses】It is used to prevent avian cholera of chickens, ducks and geese over 3 months old.
【Application and Dosages】Intramuscular injection. Dilute with 20% aluminum hydroxide gel, 0.5 ml (containing 1 dose) of each chicken, 0.5 ml (containing 3 doses) for each duck, and 0.5 ml (including 5 doses) for each goose.
(1) When inoculation, local disinfection should be done.
(2) Used vaccine bottles, utensils, and unused vaccines should be should be detoxified.
【Specification】200doses/bottle, 400doses/bottle, 600doses/bottle.
【Package】600 bottles/box
【Storage and Expiration】Storage at 2~8℃ for 12 months.