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Avian Pasteurella Multocida Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain 150

【Ingredients and Concentration】The vaccine is composed of Inactivated Pasteurella multocida strain 1502(CVCC2802).
【Property】Milky white emulsion..
【Actions and Uses】It is used to prevent avian cholera.
Application and Dosages】Subcutaneous injection in neck is suggested, 1.0ml for over 2-month-old chicken or duck.
Abnormal Reaction】None.
(1)    Freezing is prohibited.
(2)    The vaccine is should be stored at room temperature and be well shaken before use.
(3)    When injecting, it should be disinfected locally.
(4)    The vaccine that is qualified for chicken efficacy can be used for chickens and ducks. The vaccines that is qualified for duck efficacy can only be used on ducks, not chickens.
(5)    There is generally no obvious adverse reaction after inoculation, and some will have a reduction in feed for 1-3 days.
(6)    Used vaccine bottles, utensils, and unused vaccines should be treated harmlessly.
(7)    It can’t be used for the chickens within 28 days before slaughter.
Specification】250 ml/bottle, 500 ml/bottle.
Package】40 bottles/box, 60 bottles/box.
Storage and Expiration】Storage at 2~8℃ for 12 months.