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Marek’s Disease Vaccine,Live(HVT,Strain FC-126)

【Ingredients and Concentration】The vaccine is composed of Marek’s Disease virus HVT strain FC-126. The virus content is more than 2000PFU/dose.
【Property】Milk white spongy loose lumps, and separate from the bottle walls easily. After adding diluents, dissolved soon.
【Actions and Uses】It is used to prevent Marek’s Disease, for 1-day-old chicken.
【Application and Dosages】Subcutaneous injection in neck or intramuscular injection in chest is suggested, 0.3ml for a 2~5-week-old chicken, 0.5ml for a 5-week-old chicken. By doses marked on the bottle, diluted with SPG, 0.2ml/dose(2000PFU)
【Abnormal Reaction】None.
(1)   In the farms Marek's disease has occurred, vaccinated immediately after the chicks hatched.
(2)   The vaccine should be consumed within 1 hour when it is diluted. Keep the bottle of diluted vaccine in an ice bath.
(3)   Vaccine packaging must be disinfected or burned, not free to discard
【Specification】500doses/bottle, 1000doses/bottle.
【Package】400 bottles/box
【Storage and Expiration】Storage at -15℃ for 18 months.