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Goat Pox Vaccine ,Live

Ingredients and ConcentrationThe product is composed of Goat Pox attenuated virus(CVCC AV41, at least 1035TCID50/dose.
PropertyLight yellow loose mass, dissolved quickly after adding diluent.
Actions and UsesIt is used to prevent goat pox and sheep pox.
Application and DosagesIntradermal injection on the inside of the tail root or the leg. According to the bottle label, the vaccine is diluted with Saline (or water for injection) to 1 dose/0.5ml,0.5ml/goat or sheep.
(1)  This vaccine can be used for goats and sheep of different breeds and ages, for pregnant sheep too. But, when injecting pregnant sheep, it should avoid mechanical abortion caused by catching.
(2)  In the diseased flock, this vaccine can be used to vaccinate untreated healthy sheep.
(3)  After dilution, used all within the day.
(4)  When inoculated, it should be disinfected locally.
(5)  Used vaccine bottles, utensils, and vaccines remaining after dilution should be treated harmlessly.
Specification25 doses/bottle, 50 doses/bottle, 100 doses/bottle.
Package10 bottles/box
 Storage and ExpirationStorage at -15℃ for 24 months.