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Rabies vaccine, Inactivated (Strain Flury)

[Ingredients and Concentration] The vaccine is composed of inactivated Rabies virus strain flury (LEP). ≥2.0IU/dose.
[Property] Light red or light yellow suspension. After long storage, the lower layer has some milky white precipitate. After shaking, the precipitate can be evenly dispersed.
[Actions and uses] It is used to prevent rabies in dog.
[Application and Dosages] Used for healthy dogs over 3 months old. Intramuscular injection. 1ml(1dose)/dog. 1 immunization per year. It is recommended that dogs that have not been vaccinated should be injected twice, at intervals of 14 to 28 days, 1ml(1dose)/time. Then once a year.
[Abnormal Reaction] The temporary small nodules may appear at the injection site. Occasional the systemic allergic reactions may occur. It should be symptomatic treatment in time.
(1)    Only use the healthy dogs.
(2)    Freezing is prohibited.
(3)    Return to room temperature and shake well before use.
(4)    The injection site should be disinfected.
(5)    Observe after injection and inject anti-allergic drugs immediately if allergic reactions occur.
(6)    The used vaccine bottles, utensils, unused vaccines, etc. should be disinfected.
[Specification] 1ml/bottle, 2ml/bottle, 5ml/bottle, 10ml/bottle
[Package] 10bottles/box, 20bottles/box
[Storage and Expiration] Storage at 2~8℃ for 24 months.