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    Liaoning Yikang Biological Corporation limited was founded in 1958, It is a holding subsidiary of Jinyu Bio-technology Co., Ltd(Stock code:600201). It is one of the leading enterprises which produce and sell the animal bio-products. It is the enterprise authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture that can produce the avian influenza inactivated vaccine. It is the 5th Vice Chairman Unit of China Animal Health Products Association. It is decided by the relevant departments as “the Leading Enterprise of Moving China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science and Technology”, “High and New Technology Enterprise”,  "Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center ", " Nine-five plan Technological Innovation Advanced Enterprise”, ” Liaoning Province Biological Engineering Technology Service Center",  "Flying Dragon Enterprises in Liaoning Province", ”Contracts and Promises Keeping Unit of Liaoning Province” and “ Liaoning Province AAA Credit Unit” etc.

    The company has a biological industrial park of 120,000 square meters. The park has four GMP production workshops over 20,000 square meters, two modern SPF chicken coops, R & D Center and QC Department etc., the company has modern production and scientific research equipment. The company's products include nearly 50 varieties in four categories, including used for poultry, pig, dog and other animals. The company has 8 biological product production lines, it has strong capabilities of production and new product industrialization.

    The Enterprise has staff 301, including various types of professional and technical personnel 245, including researcher technical title 3, associate researcher technical title 19, intermediate technical title 28.

    Liaoning Yikang adheres to the business philosophy of “taking science and technology as the guide, surviving on quality, developing on management, and promoting the transformation of the latest scientific and technological achievements into productivity”. It always stands at the forefront and the highest point of science and technology, and appreciates the latest technological trends in the world. Increase investment in scientific research, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research results. Liaoning Yikang R&D Center is “Liaoning Province Animal Vaccine Engineering Technology Research Center”, “Liaoning Province Bioengineering Technology Service Center” and “Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Base”, it has formed a mature innovation system combining independent R&D and cooperative R&D, and established a medium- and long-term talent reserve mechanism. Liaoning Yikang has established long-term cooperative relations with Henan Agricultural University, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control, China Agricultural University, Sichuan Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions and universities. It has rich experience in industry, university and research cooperation and has obtained a number of scientific research results of independent intellectual property rights. R&D and new product industrialization are already highly sustainable.

    Liaoning Yikang will adhere to the core values of “responsibility, innovation and value”. Its goal is “taking the road of marketization &internationalization and becoming an international enterprise”. It relies on the superior resources of Jinyu Group's “National Engineering Laboratory for Veterinary Vaccines”, is committed to the production of livestock and poultry vaccines, and continues to provide high-quality biological products for the healthy development of animal husbandry, providing food security for the whole society.